Lapierre Maple Syrup Equipment!    Sugarhill Syrup Jugs!

Fall is the perfect time to work on your tubing system!  We have all the items you may need to make repairs or add and replace tubing.  If you are considering  trying the 3/16″ tubing now is a great time to get started and we have plenty in stock and all the fittings to match.  Give us a call!



 NEW EQUIPMENT (in stock)

  • Lapierre Classic 2 x6 evaporator with SS arch.
  • Lapierre and Bernard extractors.
  • All types and sizes of tubing 3/16 and 5/16.
  • Mainline.
  • Many types of fittings.



1 used dairy tank flat top and low profile, about 300 gallons.


Sugarhill Syrup Jugs

We stock Sugarhill “Sweet Gold” style jugs and the NY “Taste The Tradition” style jugs!  We offer special pricing for jugs picked up and paid for between February 1 and March 15.


As a dealer Big Tree Maple tries to keep the most common items, for the woods and the sugar house, in stock for your immediate convenience. Items that we do not stock can be ordered and received, in a short time, from the Swanton Vt. warehouse.

Should you have any questions or wish to purchase, please contact Lloyd or David Munsee, either one of us will be glad to talk with you.

For More Information On Purchasing Maple Sugaring Equipment
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